Well much has happened since the VBF was formed! I have been busy establishing an annual event.

It has been achieved and although it will be the first outing this year, we have linked with universities across the UK to create a platform for graduates to connect with those in business …some who may be employers. As an employer myself, where better to recruit new team members than from the route of the tree.

Talent comes in many forms and not everyone is suited to university, especially creative talent, it is absolutely the `thinking outside the box` mentality that drives innovation, however in a world of compliance, licence and legislation, without a certificate of kind, today raw talent is simply someone with an idea or a dream.

The aim of the annual event is to connect creative talent with employers and industry icons to establish a mentoring programme for one year. Each year, `New Talent` graduates have an opportunity to demonstrate personal skills to the sector of industry they are interested in ask advice and enter a very exclusive world of industry specific networking. As the old saying goes, it’s not only what you know but who you know that helps you on a path of success and fulfilment.

The first annual free to enter competition is called Metamorphosis, as that in a word is what the aim of the VBF is trying to achieve. We are running it in association with the Society of British and International Design (SBID) this year and the interior design courses of recognised UK, USA and Canadian universities. The competition results will be announced during May 2014

The VBF will match up with other sectors of creative industries for 2015, specifically in music and journalism.

Now we are established, we can absolutely say …let the show begin!

Sponsors and anyone who would like to get involved is invited to contact us through the website or twitter @TheVBFoundation


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