The Foundation aims to create awareness and an inspirational link between education and business. It acts as a conduit between employers’ expectations and individuals’ enthusiasm on the journey from learning to earning.

The Foundation has divided the categories of learning into four key stages of delivery. At each of the four educational levels we ask: ‘what do the pupils want to know and what do pupils need to know?’ Find out how your university or school can get involved with the programme by contacting:


  How it works

The Foundation will offer advice and direction for delegates on the programme to carve a career in the creative sectors through existing links within 10 creative sectors of industry. Those that do not necessarily follow conventional routes of education can also benefit from mentoring towards a successful career.

A degree automatically suggests a level of success. It is the step between obligatory education and choice. The gifted pupils or ‘Little Stars’ who express an interest or talent in the creative industries can become a member of the Foundation through their education provider.

Each member establishment receives:

  • Members’ education packs and programme along with opinion from industry sector supporters (provided throughout the programme)
  • A membership certificate to the participating teaching establishment
  • Opportunities to receive target-specific guidance from nationally successful industry icons
  • Entry to the annual New Talent Award sponsored by corporate industry leaders

Delegates of the programme receive campaign information, links to social media, help in creating a business plan as well as celebrity and industry icons’ comments and filmed interviews providing insight on their journey to success. Material will be played within member schools and universities to inspire and direct those seeking work and advice.

In a difficult global market, we demonstrate to potential employees how financial success can be achieved from humble beginnings. This success often has nothing to do with social or personal wealth or background; instead it refers to talent, hard work and the opportunity to meet influencers and stakeholders within a chosen industry.

This valuable lesson inspires and connects young people with success by example.

Young people rarely look or think about the journey to success –

                                                      they simply recognise success.

The Vanessa Brady Foundation aims to inspire and educate through example and direction. It provides the vision for a creative career.