How to support us

  Why support us?

We are a registered Charity established for the purpose of providing career guidance and support for young people in education and those seeking employment across the creative industries.
Donations in aid of education and career direction are particularly noble because they sow the seed for improvement of an individual’s life. The sector for creativity and innovation within the arts does not receive as much governmental financial support as the academic industries. However, the personal wealth and wellbeing achieved through creativity and the arts is paralleled with the success that the national economy creates and the quality of the society in which we live.
Being a specialist charity of the creative industries is demanding on our resources, and even a small contribution means a lot to us. A donation can make a huge difference to generations of  talented wealth creators.

Support us in improving the society in which we live.


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The Vanessa Brady Foundation

Donate now online and help us support more talented young people.

Make a Regular Donation


A small amount contributed by you every month creates life changing differences to the lives of others. Make a fixed donation every month through direct debit.

Give in Celebration


If you have everything you need in life and your celebrations are the simple things in life; lunch and dinner with family and friends …think back to your own beginning in life and direct that unwanted gift to a young talented person and help change the lives of others by providing a link to a lifetime opportunity in a creative industry.

Donate in Memory


Celebrate the life of a departed love one by providing the opportunity for life to begin in creative education among talented people.

Payroll Donation


Synergies between organisation and the creative industries are permanently endorsed in the public’s mind and knowledge by your contribution to the education and career of the next generation of creative talent.

Donate by Post

You may also send us your contribution in the form of Cheque or Postal Order.

Make a Donation


We want to help future generations gain and create the best for our society. Your support can not only turn our aims into reality, but also help transform the talent and dreams of trained and untrained, young and eager potential stars of tomorrow’s industry into reality.