New Talent Award

The Emerging Talent Awards

Britain is a powerhouse of creativity. Our writers, actors, musicians and designers are renowned across the world. For these creative industries to remain world-class, they need a constant stream of new talent coming through the door. However it is becoming harder and harder for fresh, young creatives to find a route into their chosen field. One of the most dispiriting things for me is the number of young creative graduates I see who, after spending years studying for a career, are forced to take any job they can find, usually a job that has nothing to do with their vocation.

I have many friends across the industry and we talk about this issue all the time. Many creative businesses have been hit hard by the recession. There are other issues, like new technology and illegal downloading, which are draining away resources, income and industry revenue, which was previously used to bring along new talent. Opportunities for young people to enter their chosen creative field are diminishing. I firmly believe that the most important thing you can give a young person attempting to start out in a career is a break, an introduction, then the rest is up to them.
And that is why we are launching the Emerging Talent Awards in 2014.

The awards will be open to new graduates looking to begin careers in a wide range of creative arts, including interior design, product design, graphic design, music, dance, acting, film, radio, television, theatre, journalism and writing. This will be an annual event and is supported by friends, colleagues and sponsors from all areas of the creative industries. Every year we aim to showcase the creative industries and the ten most talented creative graduates. We will match them with industry figures in their sector and provide them with the advice, insider knowledge and contacts to help make that big break happen.

The finalists will be given guidance on how to present themselves to employers, how to pitch for new business or start working for themselves. We are bringing on board creative people from within their chosen field, which means the knowledge they receive is going to really aid their careers. Every year one of the finalists will be given the offer of a dream job in their chosen area.
Hopefully, as the programme develops and grows, so will the number of graduates we can bring in and help.

More information on the Emerging Talent Awards will be available very soon at: