At the last AGM of the ECIA held in London and hosted by SBID at private rooms of the international trade show of 100%Design a conclusion of the five year education review was delivered by the Education Review Board. This definition is now passed to our registration partners and more news will follow when we […]

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  Metamorphosis Well much has happened since the VBF was formed! I have been busy establishing an annual event. It has been achieved and although it will be the first outing this year, we have linked with universities across the UK to create a platform for graduates to connect with those in business …some who […]

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Design and Technology

The Prime Minister has appointed 11 new members to the CST. This process was made in accordance with the rules of the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments. The CST is the UK Government’s top-level advisory body on science and technology policy issues. The coalition Government’s education reform agenda impacts on design education that […]

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Women in the City

Women of Achievement I am flattered and delighted on behalf of all interior designers that finally we are recognised within the built environment as a serious profession. The Women in the City annual award for Women of Achievement has a category for banking, healthcare, law, IT and the built environment. Business The award recognises women […]

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Let’s get on with the Show!

The volume of trade shows increases year-on-year, although some shows that have failed to adapt swiftly to market forces have disappeared over the past eight years. I’ve road-tested the most well-known shows over the past few years; I’ve talked, chaired and consulted … and finally partnered those that best promote my personal work as a […]

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What makes us all the same… but all different?

One of my earliest childhood memories was looking across at my sister and trying to figure out why we seemed so different from one another. I was blonde and my sister was brunette. My hair was thick and curly; my sister’s was straight and fine. As we got older, the differences in our personalities, our […]

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I was speaking at Lend Lease on International Women’s Day and I recently spoke at Nat West HQ on women in business. I’m always keen to promote how women in business are equal, but in truth I am keen not to be rated by gender but by ability and capability to perform the task and […]

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Vanessa Brady Foundation – building creative industries

The Vanessa Brady Foundation provides business opportunities in the creative industries  ….”I believe the creator of an idea should be the owner of the profit the idea generates”                                                                                                               ROBIN GIBB – Bee Gees   All of us have obstacles to overcome. Some […]

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Architects Journal Awards…

I’ve recently attended the Architects Journal Awards for Women in Architecture. It was sponsored by ROCA and PLACE. and celebrates equality and professional training. I have very mixed views on campaigns for women because some women forget the cause is for ‘equal’ not ‘superior’ treatment. I mean that I want to be selected because I’m […]

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An Unexpected Delight

Having spent many days and evenings including almost every weekend for almost two years in my basement office or in my study alone creating the documents, agreements, partnerships and content (during its founding two years 2009/10) that has built SBID from an idea into an international brand and business it has finally paid off. When […]

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